Forerunner Ventures is an early stage investment firm dedicated to partnering with ambitious entrepreneurs to define and dominate a new generation of commerce.

Technological innovation is upending the traditional way consumers and businesses think about commerce, and as a result, how brands and retailers are evolving to meet new expectations


Customer Experience is the New Frontier

The proliferation of internet access as well as widespread usage of the social web are empowering consumers to be more discerning and demanding

  • Increasing mobile penetration is giving consumers constant access

  • Brand-Building Authenticity

    Product proliferation and price transparency have elevated the importance of brand building and authenticity in offering unique customer experiences

  • Social web is enabling direct communication between consumers and brands, near and far

Bringing Products and Experiences to Life

The pursuit of delivering exceptional customer experience is inspiring (and demanding) innovation across the commerce value chain



    Recognizing Consumer is King



    Enabling Business Efficiencies



    Delivering a Seamless Experience

Reimagination of how companies start and scale

The transformation of the commerce landscape will continue to shift more spend and influence to the digital world, yielding a new generation of leaders and more agile, disruptive business models

Forerunner Investment Focus Areas

  • B2C

    More efficient go to market strategies manifesting in fresher consumer offering and a faster path to scale

  • B2B

    Enabling tools and technologies powering business model efficiencies to disrupt, advance, and transform the consumer industry

Digitally-driven Commerce is Reshaping Retail